2023 /  oil on canvas, combined technique, 130x80cm

Available /  Price for request

The painting from the series “Sometimes things are not what they seem…”

This painting may seem scary at first glance, but it is not at all. It is just an eye-catching, frightened “little animal” that screams and shouts and doesn't really know why. Maybe he's just lonely and a little scared. If it's not that he's just looking back at what's already happened and never knows what's coming.    :-)

And inspiration? Welcome to the US and its 60s. To the time of the great American cars. How about a luxury Cadi and its tail light? Check out link bellow for more photos of painting and let me introduce you to Cadillac Tail lights. Those who haven't seen it won't believe it. I saw the „little one“ first.  :-) 

Old American cars, I've always had a thing for them.

More photos of painting