V proudu / In the flow

2023 / oil on canvas, combined technique, 100x120cm

Available /  Price for request 

Do you ever think about your life? I think we all do.
Sometimes it’s quite a ride. Like “In the flow”. Fast, frantic, wild, one moment we’re up, the next we’re down.

The painting In the flow is a metaphor for life, which is full of changes, challenges and emotions. It is the current of the river and the raging sea at the same time, which symbolizes strength, dynamism and uncertainty.

And yet, even when the sea rages around us and binds us with its bonds, we are able to stay balanced and calm. And even though the current of the river carries us away uncontrollably, we keep our inner self and don’t give up. 😉

Do you see what I see? The different aspects of human existence? Harmony, satisfaction, pride, self-confidence, love, worries, fear for the other, tenderness … There is a lot there, just look carefully. 🙂

More photos of painting